Ethylene Transfer Line and Decoking Valve
We are a world leader in Transfer Line Valves (TLV) & Decoking Valves (DV). IMI Z&J supplies high-quality Double Disc Through Conduit Gate valves which have higher safety levels than any other design. One double disc valve replaces two single gate valves – one plus one as backup installed in the same line to achieve the same safety level. Within the ethylene process heaters provide the cracking of hydro-carbons by means of hot steam. These heaters (steam crackers) suffer from a phenomenon where deposits of ‘coke’ accrue on the pipework and valves. From time to time these deposits must be removed (‘decoking’), ideally without shutting down the process completely. This is where our valves excel.

Ethylene Transfer Line and Decoking Valve

Product Overview

Key features:
> Mounting options: flanges or welding ends
> With reduced cc full-bore passage
> Long-lasting metal-to-metal seats. corrosion and wear resistant
> Smooth tubular passage In the open position (valve body free of said particles)

> Positive tight shut-off due to active & controlled mecharatal seeing force when shut
> Excellent performance, no risk of jamming due to internal split-wedge-ball arrangement
> True Double Block & Purge within one valve body
> Low wearing due to hardsurfaced seats